Worldwide Missions

As a Church we believe that it is really important to partner in the gospel by supporting mission organisations who both proclaim the good news of Jesus and share hope and love with those who have little material needs. 

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Univida – Brazil

Univida are committed to offering opportunity to children living in poverty in Brazil. Their efforts are based on educating children, supporting families and building stronger communities to prevent the circumstances that lead children to the streets and help put them on a pathway of hope before they become street children.

John & Suzanna Hyrons – Macau

Their ministry includes a day care centre to reach disadvantaged families. Their latest project is to develop a significant residenial home for seniors in Macua. Contacts are due to be signed at the beginning of October 2013 and they are seeking to raise $4m for this. Waterbrook have supported them on a regular basis for many years.

Eugene is involved in planting churches and encouraging mission work.  He is based in Singapore but his ministry stretches across the Philippines and India. He did his mission training in Bristol and is known to Waterbrook from this time.

Denis & Charmian lead a church called Centro de Fuego, which is similar in size to Waterbrook and, like us, has just moved out of a home. It now meets in a restaurant. The family visited us in June /July 2014.

David and Stratica Serediuc – Romania

David & Stratica Serediuc pastor Filadepfia Church in Iasi, Romania and we have a strong connection with them. Tony & Joy have visited Filadelfia and David & Stratica in turn have visited us at Waterbrook.

Romania Trips 2013 & 2015