In India we also have a close link with a group of churches in Kollom, Kerala. In the group of churches  there are 8 pastors under the leadership of Joy Benjamin and his brother in law Jo Vest.  Jo’s father, who is also the father of Joy’s wife Jackie founded the work many years ago.

Joy came to the UK and was trained in the role of pastor by Christians in Action. It was through this time that Joy made contacts with Christians in Bristol who joined the predecessor church to Waterbrook. We have supported Joy and the churches on a monthly basis ever since. Every few years he comes to the UK and Joy and Tony have made two visits to India. 


They last visited us in May 2022.

One of the churches in the group is also called Waterbrook as we helped with the cost of its construction, which is pictured above. We also helped them construct a well.

One of the pictures is a dedication ceremony of the upper layer of their church building

The money we send principally goes to supporting the pastors