Univida is an amazing work among the poor and vulnerable kids in slums of Fortaleza in Brazil. Through arts and other forms of education they provide 4 hours a day additional education for the children who otherwise may be caught up in gangs, drugs or prostitution. Marc Marques the founder  as young person who had recently found  the Lord had a strong burden from the Lord to reach these young people. He began just by taking them bread and coffee-he thought he had done his bit but they asked him when he was coming back. It is an inspiring story of how the Lord provided a site and then a team to do the work. The team now includes former students who have come back to help.

We got to know them as the Sanctuary and other local churches support them and Ruth, Marc’s wife is related to our very own Liz Bennetts. It is an inspiring work to get behind.

They visit every other year and have promised us that next time they come they will include a Sunday so you can all meet them. They would like us to take a team out to visit them.

You can find out more from their website: www.univida.org