Our Values

We value family. We want to value people in the same way that God does, uniquely made and blessed. The only way we can do this is in the context of the church being a family of God’s people. We aim to create a safe place for people to feel loved and honoured-no matter who you are. We want everyone to feel cherished, significant and known as this is our experience of God.

We value Spirit – the presence of God. We desire His presence and his power to change our lives and our world. For him to move us and among us. We desire the fresh revelation His Spirit brings through His word. We know our need  and dependency on Him. We aim to keep the unity in spirit within Waterbrook and across the church of Bristol.

We also value heart because we believe God’s love is be experienced,  not just head knowledge. We want Him to build our characters, to be people of integrity, being open to God and to each other, to be people of intimacy with God as modelled to us by Jesus. We see heart at the heart of the new covenant-which is for God to write his laws –his ways on our hearts.

Our Aims

Our aims are to express these values by being the church God wants us to be, expressing our discipleship by pursuing worship,  word, witness, fellowship, prayer and freedom.  To be a people who are all focused on who Jesus is, what he has done and who can experience his loving presence.

Worship We seek his presence being experienced in worship and give time to facilitate this. To engage with the presence of God honouring, thanking and celebrating God and to proclaim truth. We expect his voice to be heard through gifts of the spirit within worship. We hope all age groups will enter into worship together.

Word We aspire to teach with integrity, through upholding the word of God. We aim to allow the anointing of the word to produce change in our lives, to free us by the truth, and to build a strong foundation and excitement for our faith in Jesus.

Witness We seek to witness through being motivated by Gods love in proclaiming the good news to everyone . We aim to  be generous in a heart of grace and truth, being a true witness to God’s grace in our everyday lives. We long to bless all areas of the community, through serving schools, youth and children’s work, students, senior’s and other churches and overseas missions.

Fellowship We want a strong culture of honour to characterise the church. We aim to nurture peoples gifts, empower the next leaders, develop pastoral support, and work humbly through our imperfections and cover each other in love.

Prayer  We aim for prayer to be the heartbeat of the church. We seek to listen for and to his voice in our praying for one another, the city, the nation, the nations and Israel.

Freedom We believe Jesus purchased our freedom at the Cross and believers should know his power in their lives to overcome fears and shame and to know their true identity.  We long to see this at work and for people to receive healing for their bodies.