Waterbrook Church consists of people of all ages and various walks of life. Waterbrook church began in 1999 within the walls of Tony’s and Joy’s house ‘Ramot’, where around 30 people would meet each week. The church grew within the house until there were too many people to fit! In 2010 they moved to worship in Begbrook Primary School in Stapleton, Bristol. Since moving the church has grown to around 60 members ranging from 8 months to 83. 

We extend a very warm welcome to all visitors, please feel free to pop along on any Sunday or get in touch with us first if you prefer. You can read about our values and what we believe by following the links below.

Meet the Pastoral Team

Tony Davies

Tony is our church leader/pastor. He has studied God's word deeply and this can be seen in the knowledge and insight he gives in his preaching. He is directly involved in planning many of the church activities and all round overseer, he is also our Safeguarding Officer. Tony also warmly extends his arm to help those in need and has a great, growing relationships with all our missionaries that we support as a church. He has a strong passion for the local area of Begbrook and prays for transformation in the neighbourhood.

Joy Davies

Joy helps lead the church with Tony. She has a strong passion for God’s presence and worship. She is also directly involved in many church activities, much of which is coordinating food for church lunches, senior events and coffee & cake run for the teachers. Her aim is to serve and regularly opens her door to anyone who needs a room for the night or food for dinner. Ask her about weekly prophetic potatoes!

Paul Currer
Paul Currer

Paul has been at Waterbrook since it moved into Begbrook School in 2010, where he came with his wife Mel. He has a powerful testimony as well as relationship with God which is seen in his preaching. He leads Alpha with his wife Mel; a course for those learning about faith. They have 2 very enthusiastic children Barney and Poppy.

Mel Currer
Mel Currer

Mel is spontaneous, bubbly and has contagious joy. She will always run up and give you a big hug and smile from ear to ear the minute you walk into her radius. Mel and Paul both lead Alpha; a course for those learning about faith. Mel is also involved in children ministry and enthusiastic about creating opportunities for children to learn about God in new ways.

Tom Morris

Tom is uber cool, friendly and wise. He joined the pastoral team in spring 2019. His pastoral heart has been seen and loved by all of the church. He’s been our student pastor since Aug 2018 and regularly meets and mentors these guys showing great listening skills and real God wisdom and insight into their life’s. Side note: Tom’s a hugger! Grab a hug from this brother!


Beth joined Waterbrook in 2018 and came like many others to the church looking for refuge; a place where she could come, listen and be ministered to. Since then, she has taught us so much about her relationship with Papa and has brought words of life to us as a church with her exuberant charisma and style of worship as well as her South African charm. We were so delighted to welcome her into the pastoral team in 2022.

Waterbrook's Values and Aims

It’s important to be clear on who we are, what we are aiming to be and where we want to go, but it’s equally important to be patient, faithful and committed on the journey.

Our Values

We value Family – We want to value people in the same way that God does, uniquely made and blessed. The only way we can do this is in the context of the church being a family of God’s people. We aim to create a safe place for people to feel loved and honoured-no matter who you are. We want everyone to feel cherished, significant and known as this is our experience of God.

We value Spirit – We desire His presence and his power to change our lives and our world. For him to move us and among us. We desire the fresh revelation His Spirit brings through His word. We know our need  and dependency on Him. We aim to keep the unity in spirit within Waterbrook and across the church of Bristol.

We value Heart – We believe God’s love is be experienced,  not just head knowledge. We want Him to build our characters, to be people of integrity, being open to God and to each other, to be people of intimacy with God as modeled to us by Jesus.

Our Aims

These are footprints we want to walk in. 

Worship – Putting God at the centre on what we do. Seeking, honouring, thanking and celebrating.

Word – The authority and template for life; teaching with integrity.

Witness – To be a blessing to our community, spreading grace and truth with generosity. We long to bless all areas of the community, through serving schools, youth and children’s work, students, senior’s and other churches and overseas missions.

Prayer – The heartbeat of the church, listening to God talking to us for one another, the city and the nation.

Freedom – To be overcomers of fear and shame. For people to receive healing for their bodies and know their true identity.

Fellowship – To nurture peoples gifts, empower the next leaders, develop pastoral support, and work humbly through our imperfections and cover each other in love.